Sunday, March 22, 2020

From Me to WE - sailing through the pandemic times!

Feeling a sense of anxiety and panic...

Instead, of thinking what about me?
Turn your attention to how can I help others in need?

Change is the only constant. This situation will change as well. Nothing stays forever.

Ask yourself ~
What is going to be my story when we are done with this pandemic? How did I help? What did I do? How did I rise?

Did you know.. staying positive, giving others the ray of hope, praying, meditating and sending positive vibrations to world is a great way to help as well.

Believe in the goodness of people, when you will need something, people will help!

Begin that with you. Be that person.. nonjudgmental, supportive and with no expectations. One, people can trust asking for help without any second thoughts...

Panic stops when it hits a wise ear! Be that ear🧘🏻‍♀️

Live the knowledge!

Shikha Pasrija 

Friday, March 13, 2020

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Let’s take a step from Me to We to deal with pandemic times!

Insecurity, Stress, Fear, Ignorance are the real pandemic and not the virus!

We need to move our focus from ME to WE in these testing times.

Our character and values are tested in the times of need, let’s make sure we all pass gracefully!!!

Check on your friends and neighbors, please do not overstock on the supplies as there are people who might really need them.

Schools are closing, children who get their only meals in schools are going to be hungry. Please donate to food replenish the food pantry's and outreach centers around!

Please, think of people who all fall in high risk, how can you extend your help to them? How can you be useful?

We all are in this together!!

Slow down, take care, stay calm, pray and send prayers, believe in the goodness and be the goodness, love and be loved!

Know this.. everything is temporary.. this shall pass too!

Times like this are great testing time for our goodness, values and character!

Let..the love, kindness, compassion and humanity thrive over the insecurity, stress, fear, ignorance and materialism!!

Please reach out to your neighbors, local homeless shelters and food banks to check what donations they need and how can you help!

🌹Love, Peace and Grace

Monday, February 17, 2020


The present moment is like a tapestry. It looks perfect from the top but if you turn it around you see lots of entangled threads. Those threads are like the secrets of karma which bring forth us to the present moment.

Our friends and loved ones suddenly become distant and strangers come to help when we are in need. 

It is all happening through some law of karma and our karmic account.

World is full of Karma. Karma can lead to both positive and negative impressions which can last for many life times. 

In the sense of results of actions performed, karma is divided into 3 categories

  • Sanchita Karma ~ Accumulated impressions, memories and results of actions performed in past births
  • Prarabdha Karma ~ Accumulated impressions, memories and results of actions from past (sanchita) which have given rise to the present body. 
  • Agami Karma ~ It is the results of the actions performed in the present birth that lead to future births.
With the dawn of self knowledge, self control and self awareness in ones life, one can destroy the Sanchita (past) and Agami (future) karma. 

Prarabdha Karma is the reason we are here in this present birth, life and situations. Prarabdha can not be destroyed and has to be exhausted only by living it. 

How to exhaust the Prarabdha Karma without giving rise to Agami Karma - 

The wisdom is not to get attached to both the positive and negative events, rather just being a witness to them all and practicing surrender.

Events are happening in our lives to teach us lessons and settle old karmic accounts. If we learn to let go and take the learning away and move on with zeal without the burden of regrets and grudges, we can get over the karmic account and be free of the vicious circle of karma. 

The karma starts forming the moment a thought or impression is created in the mind. The waves of thoughts rises in our mind like the waves in the ocean. Not all thoughts are turning into karma. Thoughts, do not become impressions or karma if we just stay witness to them...the moment we get attached to our thoughts, cling onto them and start churning on them they start turning into impressions and henceforth Karma.

Take an example of sand~ 

If you throw dry sand on the wall, the sand falls off and the wall does not get dirty.
Now, if you add water in the sand and throw the sand on the wall,  both your hand and the wall gets dirty. 

Sand is referred to thoughts, wall to our consciousness and water to clinging. 
Thoughts come and go,  if we do not cling to them they can not form any impressions on our consciousness.

The intention behind any action is also the key to karma. Always check what is your motivation and intention behind everything you are saying and doing. Asking yourself this why.. becomes an important self checkpoint and helps us to see our thoughts, intentions and motivations clearly without any distortions.

Karma is being created by our own free will. We have a choice to keep bearing the fruits or start to nullify them with right knowledge. 

You become a Karma Yogi when you perform your duties responsibly giving your 100 percent to the job without attaching yourself with the outcome of action. 

Though positive Karma can wash off the negative karma, the memory or attachment to positive karma can also become a hindrance in the path of Yoga as it creates ego. 

Nirvana is to get rid of both the positive and negative karma. Like when we wash dirty clothes we get rid of both the stains and the detergent. Wash off ignorance and karma with the self knowledge and stay humble so the knowledge does not become the reason for the ego!


I am the creator of my destiny. I am choosing my response in every situation. I am creating my karma every moment.
  • Decision is mine
  • Action is mine
  • Response/ Reaction is mine
  • Responsibility is mine
  • Karma is mine 
  • I am the sole creator of my destiny!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Sanskars ~ the nature of the soul!

Sanskars are the nature of the soul.

There are 2 types of sanskars ~ Acquired and Original

Acquired Sanskars~

-The sanskars that we gets from family, the conditioning that happens from the very first day we are born.
-The sanskars that we get from environment or situations.
-The sanskars we are carrying from past births and impressions.
-The sanskars we create using our own will power and desire.

When we realize we are not going to be the victims of our old sanskars anymore, we gain the ability to wipe off and override the old sanskars through our will power and create the new ones. 

The more we use our will power the stronger our soul becomes and we are able to form the new improved way of living. 

Original Sanskars~

Our soul is originally joyful, peaceful, happy, loving, pure, powerful, kind and compassionate. 

The trouble is we start confusing our acquired sanskars as our original sanskars and we live in this confusion all our lives. The power to change our sanskars dawns in us when we realize we are not limited to and happy with what we have acquired. We can always change the acquired sanskars by self study, self effort and self control.

Just like every canvas is originally clean and gets the layers of paint, we acquire colors through our experiences but the knowledge is to not confuse canvas with what is drawn on it.

The more we use our original sanskars the more they grow bringing us immense joy and contentment.

Peace, Love n Grace

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Diversity ~ There is more that unites us than divides us!!

A very thoughtful poem on Diversity by my 10 year old!