Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fail fast forward!

Even though...every time we fail, we get better....why are we so afraid of making decisions, and why can't we let go the wrong ones we made.
We do need to consider fail and fast forward...just let go!
You can fail, just do it fast and move forward.
People get better when they fail, its just the willingness to be wrong.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Project Impressions!

Thinking of simple and creative ways of creating personalized fall greetings, picture frames, folders, wrapping papers or place mats.

This project is not only fun to do easy art for all ages but also has endless possibilities.

All you need is

• Leaves
• Paints (acrylics) Fabric paints for impressions on fabric
• Paper or whatever you want to personalize
• sponges

Using sponge put a thin layer of paint on front of fall leaf; place down on paper and press.You can even try this on paper or fabric place mats using other textures like knits, embroideries, sponges and small branches.

Enjoy and have a colorful day:))