Saturday, July 17, 2010

A simple story to make kids learn all contact information.

You are in a mall or grocery store, looking and admiring the lovely dress or reading and comparing the ingredient list, you turn back and the curious little baby is not there, sometimes they like to sneak under the aisles other times they find something to admire too:)
The best thing we can do is to prepare our kids how to deal with such kind of situations and for that they really need to know about the contact information and whom to trust. Seems like a lot of information for little minds to absorb. Right!
I really wanted my daughter to be prepared and made up this story. It really helped, she learnt all I wanted her to, and we even got into a situation like this where she was calm and knew exactly what to do.
I used the character names Dora and Diego because my daughter just loves them and it was easier to catch her attention with her favorite characters being the leads of the story.
The story goes like this
Dora and Diego were playing in the park when they saw a puppy crying…..boohoo boohoo
What happened puppy?
I was in play area with my friends running around and lost my way…..I want my mommy and daddy:(
Ohh ohh said Dora, Please don’t worry, and we will help you find your mommy and daddy.
Do you know what’s your mommy’s number, the puppy gets excited and says yes it’s *** ******* (say the number you want baby to learn)
Let’s call the number. (Make tring tring sound)
Hello this is Dora, we have a puppy here in the park ….can you please come. Mommy gets happy to hear from the baby and quickly runs to the park…there’s mommy(with excitement) ……Thank you Dora ….you are welcome puppy and never run alone again!
Dora and Diego were in the grocery store and they saw a bunny crying….boooooohoooooo…
What happened bunny, why are you crying?
(In a sad voice say)….I came here with my mommy daddy, I was running here there and now I don’t know where are they, I am looking for them…Booo hooo
….ohhh ohhh said Dora Lets find out a customer service center or associate(mention that we need to find someone in the store uniform and next time when you are in store don’t forget to show your baby this is the customer service center and this is how associates look like and we can trust them). We will request them to make an announcement, your mommy and papa must be so worried too, they will hear and come to pick you up quickly.
Hi my name is Dora and this is bunny, he is lost, can you please make an announcement.
Sure, hi we have a little bunny here that is lost, Mommy Daddy please come to the customer service. There’s mommy, thanks Dora
You are welcome bunny and always stay with your parents in grocery store!

Dora and Diego were coming back from play area when they saw a little birdy crying..booo hooooo…
What happened little birdy?
I was playing and running around my street and forgot which one is my home,
I am lost...I want to see my mommy daddy….
ohh ohh said you know what’s your address..??
Birdy says with excitement…yes...It’s*****************,
Diego puts the address in his computer and finds out the way to birdies home….there….I found it…Great said Dora let’s go!
Thank you Dora said Birdy, you are welcome and Great job knowing your address, next time stay close to your home.

It’s been a long day said Dora and just then she saw a little squirrel that was looking sad,
What happened squirrel?
I am lost…I was collecting nuts and playing with bunnies, we played and played and ran n ran, I don’t remember where is my home anymore.
Well, said Dora…do u know your phone number? Nooooooo…
Diego said…do you know your address? noooooooo
What’s going to happen now?
Dora said we need to call 911;
Hello we have a baby here who is lost and does not know his address and phone number, can we please have a officer here to help. Ok thank you! In some time officer arrives and helps the little squirrel to find his way home.
Dora and Diego told there mommy all about the adventurous day!
Good Job says mommy!