Saturday, September 28, 2013

Booooo alien - Super fun Halloween craft!

As the festivities are beginning around the world the hearts are poured with so much excitement. This year seems to be flying by fast. Stores are already putting up Christmas decors and sales, no wonder if we see Easter sales in January itself. I am glad the birds and animals do not follow the store promotions or they will be confused too.

Talk of a festivity and the aisles get filled with million ways to decorate and celebrate with tons of candies, colors and decorations. Isn’t it true how we all are getting so conditioned commercially and losing the spirit of what makes the festivals important. What’s even worrisome is the amount of waste that will be produced after few hours of glee.

We all see, hear and read about landfills, global warming, sugar intake, plastic hazards etc. It has become another yada yada story. So many times when I am writing and discussing the topic even my husband says please not landfills again!

Sustainable and green living is not a hard thing to achieve if we all can take care of our share of responsibilities and think of greater good. Things sell because there is a demand for them and only we are responsible for creating them. With each buy we are making a choice and then the choice is making us and our environment.

The best thing is each day, each moment and each buy provides us with this wonderful opportunity to promote healthy, eco-alternatives that are not only good for the planet but also teach our children to care for themselves and environment.

Even the simple things like sending online invites, reusing costumes and swapping, avoiding disposable cutlery, saying no to non-recyclable plastic and recycling the one that we can, buying healthy treats, reusing or making reusable treat bags can make such a huge change and make us feel accomplished for our unconditional contribution.

This month’s project is boo alien candy wrapper. They are fun, easy and joyful!

For this what you will need is

• Paper napkin
• Pipe cleaner
• Wiggly eyes ( you can also make eyes on paper using markers)
• Glue
• Marker
• Beads
• Scissors

1. Cut pipe cleaners 3 inches long.

2. Insert beads and stick wiggly eyes on the ends of pipe cleaner using glue.

3. Place candy in middle of paper napkin.

4. Twist and roll the ends of pipe cleaner in the back.

5. Using markers draw the eyes and mouth.

Wish you all a very colorful and joyful fall!!