Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pillars of Christmas come alive with art!

Project featured in Times-Republican

Christmas is in the air! Our hearts are poured with so much joy and excitement.
Bright stars, color red, fir trees, glowing candles, bows, jingle bells, candy canes and the wreath remind us all to be grateful for the gift of purity and eternal love.
As we started getting the Christmas greetings ready for friends and family this year, we drew various designs. None satisfied my older one. She kept looking for more in meaning, significance and message. Finally, we came up with this design; we called it the pillars of Christmas.  
What you will need
· Star
· Markers
· Crayons
· Glue
· Sequence
· Glitters
· Other Christmas craft supplies available
Stick star using glue. Write Joy, Love, Peace, Magic, Believe, Sacrifice, Faith, Hope and Christmas for the tree. Use a crayon or marker to draw an impression of trunk.  For a sparkly effect stick sequence, glitter and other craft supplies available.
You can add more words. For a large group make it even more fun by getting everyone involved in this project. Let everyone pick and decorate a word that defines Christmas for them. Now arrange all of them in a shape of Christmas tree. Be creative and let your imagination shine through your work.
Wish you all a holiday season that shines as bright as the star of Bethlehem!  
Thanks for visiting and have a colorful day:)