Sunday, February 14, 2016

Marbled bowls- simple step by step photo guide!

Thank you so much Jen Balcom for sharing this colorful and creative project with Colormehappyworkshop!
You are always an inspiration:)

What you will need
  • White and colored polymer clay
  • Clay/plastic knife
  • Small bowl that is oven safe
  • Rolling pin
  • Small plate ( 6")
  • Glaze and brush
  • Measuring scale ( 4 oz white clay)
    1. Take 4 oz white clay and 3 colors of choice.
    2. Roll each color of clay that you want to use into snake about 5" long. 
    3. Combine the rolled clay and twist together,
    4. Roll, fold, twist and repeat till you get the desired marbled mix of colors
    5. Knead all clay into a ball.
    6. Roll using a rolling pin
    7. Use small plate (6") as a template to cut out the circle from clay using knife,
    8. Turn the bowl upside down.
    9. Place the clay around  bowl and gently press to give dish shape. Cut extra using knife. 
    10. Bake the bowl according to the temperature on clay package. (we did 15 minutes at 275 Degrees)
    11. Once its cool glaze for glossy finish and let it dry for 24 hours.