Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why art is so important?

Teaching children about art is not just about showing them how to recognize a van Gogh or Picasso, it's about preparing young minds for a future of invaluable experiences—art related or otherwise.
Even small activities like holding a crayon, selecting a color, walking hours among natural beauty such as flowers and woods, chasing their own shadows in the sunshine helps a child develop fine motor skills which is a key to brain development, reinforcing the connections between different parts of the brain. More connections means more brain power!
An interesting, challenging environment gives children's brains plenty of food for thought. This is what happens inside the brain when children have lots of arts opportunities. Children explore the world around them, using their senses to see, hear, smell, and touch objects, and to figure out how things work. When children whisk a marker back and forth across a big sheet of blank paper or play with a lump of clay, and when they meticulously cut with scissors, their brains are growing.The arts are indeed brain builders and nourish future thinkers with the creativity and by providing the power to think outside the box!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to school workshop, Project Journey!

My older daughter is going to start kindergarten and I was thinking of a back to school project for her..... something that she will enjoy through out the year.

There you about a folder. Simple and sweet!

Then another thought came to my about I make it a tradition...

Every year when she moves to a higher class she can create her own sweet lill folder, using her creativity, writing her sweet name with her own lill hands, those lovely hand prints and a picture catching that perfect innocent smile.

I can use it to save those lill lovely projects and potraits she is going to create in the year.

She drew my picture few days back, my teeth are sticking out soooo...... much...I asked her do I really look like this....she said with a sweet smile...yaa, when you are happy!
No wall art from anywhere can ever match this innocent thought and sketch.

They are going to change every year....and we are going to miss these lovely beautiful moments......I am happy...I can have a keepsake for each year, and those beautiful memories to relish later, are gonna be so priceless.
A special folder for each year..a tradition...a journey...a lifetime memory!