Friday, August 27, 2010

Mosaic art using hand torn paper

It is creative, simple and easy project that’s nothing else but fun for all ages, great for personalizing greetings, paper folders, place mats, book marks and much more!

All you need is

• Cardboard
• Construction paper (different colors)
• Crayons, sequence, buttons, glitters (optional)
• Glue

All you need to do is

Think of a theme like I did trees and then select the different colored papers and start hand tearing them in small and big pieces according to your theme. Set them on the cardboard to see if you need to make any changes and then glue them. You can also add some details, coloring on top using crayons or add some sequence, glitters or buttons.

Other ideas:

Hand tear the paper in pumpkin shape using green and orange construction paper.
Also consider Hearts, Balloons, faces, flowers in different colors.

Thanks for visiting:)) Have a colorful day!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Recalculate like a GPS

Calculate, recalculate, and every wrong turn we make and till the right one arrives......a GPS never leaves us out of options and never gets impatient.
Recalculation in life open doors for.... new options, new directions, new hopes and lets us know...its will be there......just relax and keep that smile and calmness.
Know that being stuck will not take you anywhere.
So just recalculate..move makes the journey called life easy and enjoyable!