Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Inspire yourself - A New Year art project using old crayons.

Featured in Times-Republican

What happens in a football game, kick and ball goes here and another kick the ball goes there.
We make ourselves football too when we get stuck in words. Someone says, Oh you are so beautiful and sweet person, we love it...and when someone passes a remark that's not too nice we feel so sad. We make ourselves football of others opinions. We live in words.
Every word should make sense and everything should be meaningful. Words are the root cause of worries and we cannot worry without words..... Try for 2 minutes...sit down and no words...not even thoughts... can u worry like this?
Next time getting moved by others opinion, think of yourself as a football and its happening to you....you are going to be kicked....you are being the football of others' thoughts, don't let anyone move you...not anymore!
This year let’s make each moment in our lives better and happier than the one just passed by getting aware and not stuck. Let go of those stuck thoughts and inspire yourself!

For this month’s art project we are going to create personalized piece of art by using old crayons.

All you need is

• Card stock
• Crayon stubs
• Pencil
• Glue
• Scissors

Remove any wrapping from crayons. Using scissors trim uneven crayon stubs. Sketch the letter on card stock using pencil. Outline with glue and stick crayons.