Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Share a hug bookmark!

Few days back I came across a health article that stated how the young kids are at such a high risk of diabetes and health problems when they grow up in comparison to our generation. Study after study is being published to show how the chemicals, sugar and Trans fat intake is going to affect our children’s future.

Even though we all are well aware of risks, celebration after celebration stores get filled with sugary treats, candy’s and chocolates wrapped in festive colors and we buy them too.

The last time I was at my daughter’s school for the Halloween party, it was an experience to see how in every classroom children were loaded with candy, cupcakes, donuts and treats. The irony is that it’s the parents who are arranging the party for the schools and the nutrition gets completely overlooked.

Love is in the air. If you are not aware then wait till you make a trip to grocery store and the cookies, cupcakes, chocolate’s and candy’s in heart shapes will sure let you know. It is amazing to see the amount of sugar consumed by people in each celebration. I wonder at what point of time in history sugar became synonym and the only way to celebrate.

The beauty of valentines is in the love that’s unconditional and everlasting. A feeling that we are wanted, loved and cared, no matter what, is so beautiful.

This month’s art project is share a hug bookmark!

A hug to let your loved ones know that they are important part of your life, their presence matters for you and they mean a world to you. Your joys are incomplete without them and sorrows fade away with them. They are what you wanted and loving them is what you love to do.

What you will need...

• Cardboard
• Construction paper
• Markers
• Glue
• Scissors

Using scissors cut cardboard for bookmark. Cut construction paper for bear face and hands; stick them to bookmark using glue. Write a message using marker and personalize.

Wish you all a Valentines full of loving hugs! Love and be loved:) #MomsAcrossAmerica