Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sponge painting-Fun to do easy art lesson for children

Shadows are growing longer and summer greenery is morphing into the gold’s and oranges of fall. It’s a more contemplative season-time to mull over ideas of family fun!

The beauty of fall leaves and trees can be captured in so many ways.

Sponge painting is one of my favorites. It’s not only fun to do creative and indulging easy art lesson for children; you can even add decorations to a child's bedroom wall, folders, create personalized greetings, gift wraps and letter pads.

 All you need is

• Paper Stock
• Sponge (You don't need to buy new sponges for this project or even sponges that are specifically for sponge painting. You can use regular household sponges for the task--just make sure you clean and dry them thoroughly before using )
• Acrylic paints or washable poster paints.
• Crayons

Using crayons sketch trees on card stock and fill color in trunk and branches.
Dip the tip of a dry sponge in the paint. Press it on the paper and start making impressions of colorful fall leaves.

Have a happy and colorful fall!!