Sunday, June 26, 2011

A wrinkle in time- fun art project using yarn!!

Featured in Times Republican

I can’t believe that shelves are already loading up with back to school stuff. Life is flying really fast. I wish I could just hold on to the moments, freeze them from flying by and turning into memories so quickly.
The best things in life are not things. They are little moments that bring smiles and joys in our lives. My 5 year old daughter loves to love and draw hearts and write I love you mom on every paper. Yesterday while I was at the Y working out I noticed so many hearts on my water bottle with I love you mom!! My eyes were full of tears. For few moments everything paused. Not that I saw it for the first time but we get so busy that we start taking people we love for granted. It just touched my heart. Let’s not let this fast life take all the beauty of present moments. For a loving tomorrow we all will need our own beautiful collection of memories!!

This month’s project is Yarn painting- A wrinkle in time! It’s creative, colorful and so much fun to do!

All you need is

• Card stock or paper folder or plain greeting card
• Yarn (1 ft long)
• Paints

For card stock fold it in half and then open it like a folder or greeting card.
Generously pour paint onto a plate.
Dip the yarn in the paint leaving the tip for you to hold.
Lay the painted yarn on one side of the folder in the spiral shape leaving the tip that’s not painted outside to hold.

Close the folder. Press it with your other hand. Hold the tip you left outside with the right hand and just pull it outside with the force, open the folder and you have your own unique abstract art work!
Enjoy it on folders, greeting cards, even wall art!!

Thank you all so much for trying out the project and for feedback!!
I really loved marecela's idea of using vibrant colors on cardboard boxes for the project. Its reusing, then reusable and when done using....recyclable!!