Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Let the bugs rock the rocks!

It’s the time of year when temperatures are climbing up, trees have turned lush green, sun is shining and the sounds of grins and giggles is in the air. It’s time for summer vacation. I am a mother of two beautiful and active girls and it keeps scrambling in my mind what activities we will be doing to keep them busy.

Painting Rocks is my favorite pick for summer. It’s fun and creative project with so many possibilities. It’s a wonderful group activity and best of all keeps the imagination going. Wait till you discover all new species.

All you need is
  •  Rocks 
  •  Paints
  •  Paint brush
  •  wiggly eyes 
  •  Markers(optional)
  •  Sequins and buttons(optional) 
  •  Glue 
  •  Pipe cleaners
Clean the rocks with water and let them dry. Paint the rocks. When dry stick wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequence, markers and glitters using glue to add more bugs like effects (legs, antennas etc.)

You can also make frogs, spiders, grass hoppers and honey bees.

Use your Imagination and let the bugs rock the rocks!