Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colorful and joyful music shakers!

What you will need

• Empty paper towel or toilet paper tube
• Dried beans or uncooked rice
• Construction paper
• Gift wrap scraps
• Crafting scraps
• Crushed aluminum foil
• Glue
• Scissors
• Tape
• Pencil

Make the impression of the tube end on construction paper using pencil. Now draw another circle that’s half an inch bigger in size using pencil and cut it using scissors to cover tube ends. 
  1. Take an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube and cover one end of tube by neatly taping construction paper.
  2.  Then fill the tube with a few dried beans, uncooked rice, small crushed rolls of aluminum foil and a   small bell (optional).
  3.  After filling, cover the other open end.
  4.  Glue gift wrap scraps all over the tube. Decorate with ribbons and other available crafting scraps.
Colorful and joyful, your little ones music shaker or maraca is all ready to rock!!