Monday, November 9, 2015

Dream catcher - Colorful world of stories!

Being a mother of two lovely daughters is one of the best things ever happened to me in my life. Their colorful and joyful stories, silly grins and giggles, fill my days with so much love and happiness.

I see them cracking silly jokes and laughing till their tummies hurt and wonder why and when in life we grow up and stop living like a child? We get stuck on things and cannot let go, we forget to forgive and start worrying too much. Why does growing up really needs leaving our innocent, beautiful heart and world behind. Even the jokes should make perfect sense:((

Dream Catcher is a joyful artwork from my daughter’s colorful world of stories! I feel blessed that I get to experience through my daughters what I left far behind in the life and even forgot how it felt.... to be a child!

To create your own masterpiece, take mundane materials from your life, run them through your imagination and let your personality shine through your work following these simple steps.

• Choose a design
• Draw pattern with pencil
• Outline with markers
• Fill in with crayons

Revisit your lives through your art work... it's so much fun:)) Thanks for stopping by and have a colorful day!!