Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Share a hug - A thoughtful art project!

Here is a hug for you..
To make you smile when you feel blue,
To make you happy if you're sad,
To let you know...Life ain't so bad!
Now I've given hug to you,
Somehow, I feel better too!
Hugs are better when you share,
So pass one on and show you care!!

All you need is

  • Card stock
  • Ribbon or jute twine or Crimped Curling Ribbon
  • Finger paints or kids washable and non toxic ink stamp pad
  • Paper hole punch (optional)
  • Markers or printer for note card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  1. Cut ribbon arm length size.
  2. Pour paints in a paper plate. Using brush generously paint one hand using colors of your choice. Press hand down onto paper and make an impression. Using the same technique make an impression of other hand. let it dry.
  3. Using pencil draw a broad outline around the hands, cut using scissors and punch hole at end to insert  ribbon later.
  4. Write a message on notecard using markers or print. Optional - you can use available craft supplies to decorate. Buttons, sparkles, sequene, etc..
  5. Punch a hole in note card
  6. Insert note card in ribbon and tie paper hand prints on both ends.
❤❤ Share a hug today! Love and be loved:)) ❤❤

This thoughtful art project is shared by Ms. Lori Gardea. Thank you so much!