Monday, January 21, 2013

For the love of Botheration's!!

Amazing is the love we have for our botheration's,
Shred them on a piece of paper,
Sink them in ocean so deep,
Offer them to almighty to leave,
Throw them from mountain so high,
Bury them in soil away from our sight,
Tell mind to shut and be quiet,
No matter what we do....
They follow us truly with all their love and delight

Amazing is the love of our botheration's for us...
Perfect companions from past,
Like a baggage that's there to last,
Sit quietly for a lazy cup of chai on a cold snowy night,
They open up like a book.. chapters sooo bright, with such a delight!

I told them I am busy for now...will catch up later somehow,
They sit by my side like a child ignored, naughty and bored,
Gazing at what I have to say,
My love and dismay,
I know, I can ignore, overlook, disregard and even try to forget them.
Me and my botheration's...
Best Friends Forever, we are here to stay!!