Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wish you all a very Happy New Year with this colorful art Project!!

Featured in Times-Republican!

Well, we all survived the 21st, for a day I happily gave up on the household chores with no strings attached to winding up the daily routine.  Relaxing though it was, it ended soon when reality called on super busy 22nd and not to mention the Holidays.

No matter how hard you try to keep kids busy there is no way you can stop them from saying what’s next? Are we there yet? What’s for snack? We are bored. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish in the holidays with no running around and getting kids ready for classes. Well, I still have it with none check marked.  I was so waiting for the holidays but when they started and where they went I have no idea. And as we approached the New Year I knew I was going to face another question that I have been dodging for years. What’s your resolution?  No matter how hard I try to avoid this question it always finds me unprepared. I never understood this resolution thing for I believe each day and each moment is a new beginning. 
However, there must be something in resolution. People follow it and find it so interesting to ask as well. So, I also thought about it. What is it that I want to change in myself?  The funny part is I have a long list of things I can offer my husband for his resolutions but didn’t quite get mine. I asked him for help but he knew that’s trouble calling and wisely stayed out of this trap.
Left for myself to discover, I scribbled so many ideas and finally arrived at a very unusual one. The moment I wrote it, it took away tons of burden from me and made me feel very light at heart and soul. My strengths, my weaknesses, my fears and my inhibitions all found recognition.
All I wrote was I am going to accept myself the way I am. Acceptance relives us from the burden of who we want to be and let us live in the present moment. It did to me and will do it to you too. We all are like books in this world with each one of us playing a unique character in the story. Let’s be ourselves and play our roles that no one else can fulfill.
This month’s art project is love yourself the way you are. I selected the bird because they travel light.
What you will need
·         Sequence
·         Handmade paper
·         Glue
·         Pencil
·         Scissors
Draw the basic design on the paper using pencil. Stick sequence on it using glue. This project has so many possibilities, explore yours!
Wish you all a very Colorful New Year!