Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wish you all a colorful and joyful spring!

Mom, "Do you love me"?
Yes baby! Loads and Loads...
You want to hear a joke?
Yes, I do

"An elephant was riding on an ant" followed by so much fun filled giggles.
Well, the fun thing is it’s probably the hundredth time I am listening to this. Not, in a week, not in a day...but in an hour!

Thinking of this, I am really looking forward to the spring break...Is there something like a survival guide for holidays. Even social media is loaded with updates from moms like me wondering what their fate holds this spring break or how are they going to deal with this special bonding time. I tell you, time flies so fast and soon spring break will look like a piece of cake in front of summer vacation;)

Well, all I can say is luck favors the prepared mind. So, get equipped with the ideas and activities that will keep the little minds occupied...

Wish you all colorful and fun filled times! Here is silly a joke for you that I am trying to answer from past few months...Why did chicken cross the road??  Looks like I have a choice here. Keep wondering why he did or join the laughter club! Laughter sounds better for nowJ.