Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Now or Never - A thoughtful art project for new year with endless possiblities!!

Featured in Times-Republican!

Have you ever noticed that thinking of past no matter pleasant or unpleasant only brings regret and misery? The beautiful moments we lived in the past fill us with misery for not having them now and the thoughts of what we could have and should have done fills us with regret.

Similarly, thinking of future leaves us with anxiety of what is going to happen and how we will deal with it while we can do nothing about it.

Life is what is happening to us right now and we can only be happy living in the present moment.

This New Year take resolve to be happy and spread happiness by living in the moment…NOW!

It’s beautifully said that if you feel free you are free. If you feel bound you are bound.

This month’s art project is a scrabble art.

What you will need is

• Letters for message from scrabble
• Glue
• handmade paper

Using glue, stick the letters onto the handmade paper. It’s a simple and creative art project with endless possibilities. You can use it for wall art, greetings and picture frames.

Wish you all a very colorful and joyful new year ahead!