Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life size self-portrait ....Simple, fun and creative art porject idea for summer break!

No matter where we are…waiting in the line, talking to a friend, on vacation, in park with children, at work or off work, off to bed or just woke up… we all feel so compelled by our own minds to stay connected to the social media and smart phones.  In spite of real people around us we feel lonely n bored and prefer to live in the illusionary world. 

Remember the days when we did not have smartphones and the social media? Surprisingly the life was way simpler and happier, Our parents listened to our stories and experiences with complete attention looking in our eyes not phones, people talked instead of messaging, children screamed and squealed in the parks, the long trips in the car were spent sharing stories and observing outside. We remembered most of the roads and land marks when we travelled instead of staying indulged in apps and games. The :) was a real smile we shared in a real moment with a real hug from a real friend!
 I have already put my phone down for 2 reasons. I want to live real moments with my daughters and I want them to learn that life is beautiful without social media, even before they get into it.  
This month’s art project is life- size self-portrait and it provides a great opportunity to spend quality and fun filled time with kids.

What you will need…
Trace your child’s body on the giant white paper using pencil.
Let your child paint and personalize with the supplies available. It’s so much fun! My 5 year old made this :) and she totally loved it...
Have a joyful summer, live each moment, share more smiles and don’t forget to look up!