Sunday, July 7, 2013

Acrylic Skins/ Peel Painting - Super fun and creative art project!!

Acrylic skins are super fun and creative way to create colorful patterns and marbling type effects. Each painting is unique and beautiful. No matter what’s the occasion, this painting does wonders in capturing attention of people of all ages.

What you will need

• Acrylic paints
• Gloss or Matte pouring medium
• Glitters
• Plastic sheet ( I used the one from picture frame)
• Small containers to mix paint with medium
• Paint brush

1. In small containers mix acrylic paints with the medium using paint brush. Avoid any bubbles while mixing. You can use both gloss and matt mediums for mixed effect. The medium looks white but dries clear.

2. Pour different colors of paint all over the plastic sheet keeping uniform thickness. For colorful effects try overlapping the colors at the boundaries. The colors will start mixing and create beautiful effects. For details further overlap with gold and silver color.

3. Spread Glitter.

4. Leave it for at least 24 Hours. For humid and cold places leave it up to 48 Hours.

5. Gently peel off when dry.

Enjoy the art!
Thanks for visiting and have a colorful day :))