Friday, June 7, 2013

Sand art - colorful and creative art project using sand!

After the long cold Midwest winter I was so ready to be roasted in Delhi's heat. 

Though I am so very Roasted and toasted, I am enjoying company of friend’s n family, no rain, no stormy nights and of course eating super hot spicy food.

It’s amazing to see how even with so much of growth and change some of the basic things are still the same. Today my daughters went to buy vegetables from farmers market and older one said if she will describe it to anyone in her school they will think its a piece of fiction. Their amazement, grins n giggles on how things work here makes me feel good. 

My dad saved and shared my Pandora box with my daughters. Everyone used to call it a Pandora box because of the collections I made of the things I loved. This month’s art project is also from my thinking box. It’s simple, creative and colorful art which can be preserved for ages.

What you will need

2 or more cardboards
Elmer's Glue
Colorful sand
Small spoon

Put 2 or more cardboards of same size next to each other.
Using glue draw a freehand design in a sequence all over the cardboards.
Using hand or small spoon sprinkle different colors of sand on glued areas.
Allow to dry, and then tap off extra sand from the picture.

Enjoy the art and have a colorful day