Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vasistha's Yoga ~ An ultimate masterpiece for the spiritual seekers!

This world-appearance is a confusion: even as the blueness of the sky is an optical illusion. I think it is better not to let the mind dwell on it, but to ignore it. (1.3.2)

Yatah Sarvani bhutani pratibhanti sthitani ca
Yatrai ‘vo  'pasamam yanti tasmai satyatmane namaha. (1)

Salutations to that reality in which all the elements, and all the animate and inanimate beings shine as if they have an independent existence, and in which they exist for a time and into which they merge.

Jnata jnanam tatha jneyam drasta darsana drsyabuh Karta hetuh kriya yasmat tasmai jnaptyatmane namaha. (2)

Salutations to that consciousness which is the source of apparently distinct threefold divisions of 
knower, knowledge and known.
Seer, sight and seen.
Doer, doing and deed.

Sphuranti sikara yasmad anandasysa ‘mbare ‘vanau 
Sarvesam jivanam tasmai brahmanandatmane namaha.(3)

Salutations to that bliss absolute (the ocean of bliss) which is the life of all beings whose happiness and unfoldment is derived from the shower of spray from that ocean of bliss.

Have a colorful day:)